Hello Colorado U.S. Congressional District 4, 

I’m confirming here that I am the “top of the ticket” candidate for Colorado’s United States 4th Congressional

District Republican primary. It is humbling to be chosen for this honor. This happened at Colorado’s Republican Party State Assembly, on Friday April 8, 2022. I am committed to “Riding for the Brand.”  I know that our rights are from our Creator, they are a gift from God. Because of this, the only legitimate role for Government is to protect those rights. I will represent the values and judgement of our beautiful district. I will remain connected to our communities and carry your morals and standards with me to Washington DC.  

These are some of the reasons that I have entered this campaign:

CD4 needs a Conservative Republican Candidate who will “Ride for the Brand.” I am not a professional politician. Unlike the incumbent, I have spent my whole life working and prospering in the private sector. I have no expectations beyond serving this district to the highest moral and ethical standard I possibly can. I will vote against legislation if the legislation they are asking for violates the United States Constitution, or if the vote violates my campaign promises. I will be a strong representative of your culture, views, and ethical standards. 

  • CD4 deserves a Conservative Republican Candidate who will remain connected to this amazing, unique and treasured district. When I travel across Colorado, I marvel at the vistas, culture, and people of Eastern Colorado. It takes my breath away. Because of this I seek to serve you while remaining connected and part of you. You are my family and I will remain in contact with this district as often as possible, not only in person but via phone, and digitally, and any way I possibly can. I am proud of CD4, I love CD4, I will serve CD4, and I will return home to CD4 with my honor.
  • CD4 deserves a Conservative Republican Candidate who act as a disruptor to the Beast that has become Washington DC. This is a “red” Republican District. The representative from this district needs to be secure enough in their beliefs and positions that they are willing to make controversial votes. The pact with CD4 must be that I take the slings and arrows from the DC Beast and the District will have my back at home. We must be a team to win.

Some Votes I’m looking forward to: 

  • Vote to support the Constitution of The United States, as it was originally intended.
  • Vote against non‐stop continuing resolutions, insist on a Federal budget.
  • Vote against Federal Funding of abortion providers.
  • Vote against Federal Funding of anti‐American propaganda.
  • Vote to close the southern border from illegal border crossings.

There are certainly more reasons why I am the “Top of the ticket” Republican Candidate for Colorado

Congressional District 4, US Congress. It has been my goal here to help you understand what motivates me. I look forward to visiting with you personally in the future. 

My wife Lisa and I wish to thank everyone for the warm, enthusiastic response this campaign has garnered. We love you all and want you to be part of this amazing adventure. We have another candidate on the ballot. He is expected to put up a grueling fight to hold onto his position. We celebrate this process and we are going forward as happy warriors to bring truly conservative leadership back to this important congressional seat. 

God Bless Colorado 

Bob Lewis
Candidate, Colorado CD4